Saturday, April 30, 2011

Introducing Victorian Rose Soap Company

     Our first blogging for Victorian Rose Soap Co.  First I will introduce myself, I am Karen, I am the CEO of Victorian Rose Soap Co.  My daughter and I have created Victorian Rose Soap Co. to provide a wonderful product to our customers.  We hand make every batch of our Goat's Milk Soap and use the finest oils to produce luxuriously lathering and moisturizing soaps.  We use molds from the Victorian Era to make a beautifully romantic bar of soap to set the mood in your home for luxury as well as romance.
     All of our soaps contain our goat's milk.  We hand milk our goats and each batch of soap that we produce has one pound of goats milk.  We freeze our goats milk for use when we add the milk to the sodium hydroxide, then we add our warmed oils...including coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, castor bean oil (which is what makes our soaps bubble!) and canola oil.  We then super rich our soaps with the addition of raw Shea butter.  We add the scents chosen either in essential oils or that of fragrances.  We hand blend in the scents to retain their quality. 
     Our soaps are available in two ways.  In a beautiful mold, or in a cut bar.  Our molds are specially chosen to represent our theme of our company.
    Our goat herd is lovingly cared for with green pastures and quality foods.  We use Sea Kelp from Iceland to meet mineral needs in our herd.  Each of our goats are named, and each very special to us.  They all live a life of care with  lots of attention.  Goats are a social creature and bond with humans in a very personal way.
     Keep up with our blog to see new additions to our line of soaps and new animals that we are blessed with.