Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some New Soaps

     We are so happy to be able to share two new soaps that are just ready to be added to the website.  I wanted to give you all a review of them before putting them on. 
   First would be the Oatmeal and Honey bar.  It is a scented with our exotic and exciting Vanilla Essential Oil.  This is our most expensive scent.  It is from pure Vanilla Bean Pods and since they are so valuable that drives the scent up to a very high price.  We love the smell and the fact that this Essential Oil is real.  We would rather pay more for the real scent than use an imitation. 
      The Oatmeal and Honey bar is a great exfoliate soap!  I would say great to use one time all over for really getting rid of the dead skin cells and then using it once a month.  I also like it for the feet. 
    I was very pleased with the feeling on my skin after using this bar.  I had the smoothest skin ever.  I loved the smell of it as well.  The scent was slightly honey and slightly oatmeal with an exotic vanilla scent. 

    We used molds for this bar to make it a pretty demonstration of the oatmeal.  I am very pleased with the look of each with the lovely grain stem and also the bee on ferns. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another new Little Lady!

 Heidi has now joined us here at Victorian Rose.  She is a pretty white Saanen Goat.  Heidi is ten weeks old and very sweet.  We are so happy to add a Saanen doe to our herd.
    The Saanen breed of goat is originated in the Saanen valley in the south of Canton Berne, Switzerland.  The breed is known for its heavy milk production,  easy milking, and calm temperament!  They are also wonderful with children because of the ease with which they handle.  A plus here at Victorian Rose.

    We look forward to the time when Heidi is adding her milk to our soaps.  She is a real sweetheart and we are thankful to Ruth for her nice addition to our farm and family of goats.  We enjoy the fact that she is sweet and a baby, which is so much fun for our family :) 
 Make sure and come by and see our selections of luxurious soaps made from our wonderful Goat's Milk from Victorian Rose Farm


Monday, May 16, 2011

Our two newest additions!!

   We are excited at Victorian Rose to have two new additions of girls to our dairy goat line-up!  Angel and Bella joined our farm on Saturday to a lot interested looks from all the other girls. 
    Angel and Bella are from a farm in Creswell where they were loved and cared for by Lydia.  Lydia is happy to have her girls enter the field of motherhood and milking.  We are so thankful to Lydia for allowing us the pleasure of adding the girls to our lovelies. 
    Bella and Angel are two year old Nubians, and ready to make the acquaintance of our Nigerian buck, Twinkle. 
     We are breeding first timers to a miniature buck for easy kidding and small kids.  We are certain when the time comes that Angel and Bella will appreciate us for making that decision. 

    In about five months Angel and Bella will be adding their lovely milk to our wonderful luxurious Goats Milk Soaps here at Victorian Rose Soap Company :)     


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An efficient addition to your family!

    Adding a goat to your home, may not be as difficult as you think.  Some people live in a city with laws against it..you will need to check you laws.  But if you are able to add a goat I would highly recommend it. 
  Goats are cleaner than a dog, their manure is in little pebbles and not smelly.  They are fun to keep, and will amuse you! 
 They are cheaper to keep than a dog, their feed expenses being smaller and most importantly, they can give you milk!   Having a goat and using its milk is a big blessing to your family.  Goat milk is more nutritious than cow's milk.  It is more easily digested than cow's milk, and it is better for children to consume goat's milk than cow's milk. 

     Also if you begin to accumulate goat's milk you can do wonderful things like to make goat cheese.  We use goat's milk to make soaps :) and we also use it to make kefir.  But one of our favorite ways to use goat's milk is to make a soft cheese.  We then add fruit to this cheese and eat it with bread or homemade crackers.  It is delicious! 
    Another favorite way to use goat's milk cheese is for our homemade cheesecakes!  They are very wonderful, homemade cheese makes a lowfat cake.  It is rich but yet light with a wonderful flavor.  I usually substitute the goat cheese half and half for the cream cheese in a recipe. 

     Watching goats play or graze is a relaxing way to spend some time with your children as well.  And caring for goats is a great way for children to earn responsibility.  We love goats at Victorian Rose Soap Co. and think that they should be a part of everyones life.  Worldwide more people use goat's milk than cow's milk. 
  We hope that you will consider adding a goat to your lives.  They add so much goodness as well as a healthy way to consume dairy products for added nutrients and protein.  You can look on Craigs list for a goat in your area, or it's better to call/write a registered breeder in your area.  They often have a young goat for sale.  God bless you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shabby Lane Shops

    We are now on Shabby Lane Shops, make sure and stop by and see us!

        If you are like us here at Victorian Rose, you will want to spend time having a fun relaxing time gazing at all the lovelies!

Now is also a great time to share a little of our loveliness too. 

Girls out to browse the woods for favorite treats!

Peaches &Cream


We have several  kids on our farm right now.
Always our favorite times when little ones are jumping and climbing all over the farm.

And kids that are now turning adult!
Tasha and her cute spotted Sister Mia!
Tasha and Mia,  look to be a wonderful addition to our milking line-up for next year.  They are sweet as well as pretty!

Mia licking her chops before getting to eat this

Here is a before picture of what the goats get as a special treat :)

Thank you for visiting today, we hope you enjoyed a little of what goes on here at Victorian Rose Soap Company

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Nigerian Goats

    Our smallest members of our dairy line-up, is our Nigerian Does.  The Nigerian Goat is a minature goat breed.  The does only measure 19"-21" in height.  They weigh forty to fifty pounds and are very sweet and easy to manage.  They make a perfect pet as well!  They provide a rich milk high in butterfat and great for cheesemaking, though we love the rich flavor and end up drinking all that the does produce.  We are in the process of enlargeing our Nigerian herd and also in cross breeding with full-sized dairy goats to increase the yield of milk and the size.  Currently the does produce a quart a day. 
Mocha, our three year old doe

Miss Kitty-Kat (3yrs.)

Little Coffee Bean (Beany)
Beany is ten months old and a cross Nubian/Nigerian
    All our goats are wonderful additions to our family farm.  They thrive is on the green pastures that are abundant here in the Pacific Northwest.  The heavy rainfall increases their yields during Spring and Summer.
Thank you for visiting and make certain to visit our website for a selection of our lovely soaps made from our wonderfully luxurious goat's milk!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Contributors

Our La Mancha goats are the little or no eared goats.  We have four La Mancha goats;




   and our latest addition Rosy  
    Abby and Tinkerbelle contribute the most amount of milk to our soaps.  Giving a gallon a day, we then freeze their milk to be used on soap making days. 
     Each batch of soap we produce includes one full pound of goat's milk, which is handmilked from our herd. 
    Goat's milk contains many healthy ingredients to nourish skin. These include vitamins A, C, E and some B vitamins, along with amino acids, citric acid, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc.
Read more:
Goat's Milk Soap Benefits | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5179180_goat_s-milk-soap-benefits.html#ixzz1LUXIBPAq
    Additionally, goat's milk soap contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid commonly included in skin rejuvenation products. Alpha hydroxy acid helps slough off dead skin cells, leaving smooth new cells at the surface.Read more: Goat's Milk Soap Benefits | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5179180_goat_s-milk-soap-benefits.html#ixzz1LUXguAoI
     I hope you have enjoyed "meeting" our girls.  And if you need further information on the benefits to you skin from using Goat's Milk Soap, please go to the above links to read more.
    Blessings to you and your family!

Victorian Rose Soap Company http://www.victorianrosesoap.com/

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of our favorite soaps!

    I thought this would be a great place to tell you about some of our favorites, and this one is my most favorite! ..Ylang-Ylang Goat's Milk bar. 
    This bar is made with our wonderfully nourshing Goat's Milk along with the oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive, Canola and Castor.  It is scented with a very expensive essential oil of Ylang-Ylang.  It is uncolored, and very soothing to dry skin, or chapped skin.  I love this bar!
    We have it available in two lovely molds, both my personal favorites as well.  They are easy to use in the shower and the scent of the Ylang-Ylang is so exotic, it will be hard to get done bathing.  I often reuse it just to keep using it longer.  The scent stays in the bathroom after you are done :)
    Ylang-Ylang pronounce (EE-lang -EE-lang)  is a tree from Asia.  The exotic scent it produces is a very  valuable perfume in the Orient. 
    We use the scent in all natural essential oil, which makes it more expensive but also more soothing for the skin. 
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today's The Day!!!!!!!

    Today Tuesday May 3rd, is our special day here at Victorian Rose Soap Company.  We are having a very special drawing over at Wise Woman Builds Her Home found here http://proverbs14verse1.blogspot.com/
   You can enter to win a $35. dollar shopping spree at Victorian Rose Soap Company, and free shipping!  All you need to do is to head on over to the very special website that Mrs. Fuentes has and leave a comment..
Extra Entries: 
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    Just think of what fun it would be to go shopping! 
Have a very blessed and beautiful day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two of our cutest girls!

     I thought that I would begin introducing you to our goats.  We have mostly Nubian goats with some crosses and Nigerians as well. 
    Our two newest additions are Tasha and Amelia (Mia).  They are twins born on August 19th.  They are the sweetest and prettiest girls on the farm.

Tasha and Mia are from our very beautiful doe


and our very nice buck;
  Next time I will introduce a wonderful milking doe that adds so much milk to our farm, we were led to begin making goat's milk soap, for our new business; Victorian Rose Soap Company