Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some New Soaps

     We are so happy to be able to share two new soaps that are just ready to be added to the website.  I wanted to give you all a review of them before putting them on. 
   First would be the Oatmeal and Honey bar.  It is a scented with our exotic and exciting Vanilla Essential Oil.  This is our most expensive scent.  It is from pure Vanilla Bean Pods and since they are so valuable that drives the scent up to a very high price.  We love the smell and the fact that this Essential Oil is real.  We would rather pay more for the real scent than use an imitation. 
      The Oatmeal and Honey bar is a great exfoliate soap!  I would say great to use one time all over for really getting rid of the dead skin cells and then using it once a month.  I also like it for the feet. 
    I was very pleased with the feeling on my skin after using this bar.  I had the smoothest skin ever.  I loved the smell of it as well.  The scent was slightly honey and slightly oatmeal with an exotic vanilla scent. 

    We used molds for this bar to make it a pretty demonstration of the oatmeal.  I am very pleased with the look of each with the lovely grain stem and also the bee on ferns. 

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