Thursday, June 2, 2011

A lovely display of our soaps

     We recently had an amazing review of our soaps.  We were so excited about the creativity that Carolyn Aiken brought to our soap business.  We are so thankful for each of the people that God has brought into our lives for encouraging us to make soaps and to work at it as unto Him!

     Many times throughout our new endeavor we have faced times of discouragement, though each time we have found some new and exciting gift that the Lord would send to us. 
     Adding a new business to an already busy farming family can be tough.  We have many responsiblities that take a lot of time, energy, and care.  Although making soap tends to be an wonderful outlet for my creative side, it also takes work that may need to be somewhere else.  Many times we have had to have extra help with a little curious two year old that wants to see what Mama is up to.  Or to have a third hand for stirring in an essential oil that has to go in at just the exact time.   
    Soapmaking is filled with the "just rights".  That is that it is just right to add and if you were to pause, it could result in failure for an entire batch.  This mistake would be costly as well as disheartening.  Thankfully having many hands does make light work.  So whether we are in the soap room or out in the greenhouse, we are many hands making work light! 
photos courtesy of Carolyn Aiken


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Gail said...

The photos are beautiful! A great display for your soaps!