Monday, June 13, 2011

Our most popular Soap?

     I get asked that question often!  Our most popular bar of soap would have to be our Chocolate/Vanilla Goat's Milk bar.  We add raw Cocoa Butter to this batch, as well as real Cocoa powder, on the chocolate side.  On the Vanilla side; we use raw shea butter and we use real vanilla bean specks for a slight exfoliant effect, also to make it very pretty!
A fun way to photograph our chocolate bars :)

     We make these bars in a very large mold that we then cut with a soap cutter.  We have two batches of soap that we are working with at the same time, so that tends to be tricky!  Timing is very important.  This bar is very nicely scented with a very expensive Vanilla Essential Oil and with the scent of the raw Cocoa Butter.  It is soothing and rich with a nice exotic scent...many times reminding me of fudge!  Though not edible! 

I really like this bar!  I like to dry it in between uses with a paper towel.  And keep it in a dry place such as a soap rack.

     You can find our Chocolate Vanilla Goat's Milk bar here

     We are offering a special discount if you order a bar of Chocolate Vanilla in your order and use code of "blogoffer"  We will discount your whole order by 15% good through the end of June.  And just one coupon code per order please!
    May your day be blessed :) 
Victorian Rose Soap Co.

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Gail said...

I have been wanting to try this one (along with many of your other soaps!) I think I will be placing an order in the very near future! :)