Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Nigerian Goats

    Our smallest members of our dairy line-up, is our Nigerian Does.  The Nigerian Goat is a minature goat breed.  The does only measure 19"-21" in height.  They weigh forty to fifty pounds and are very sweet and easy to manage.  They make a perfect pet as well!  They provide a rich milk high in butterfat and great for cheesemaking, though we love the rich flavor and end up drinking all that the does produce.  We are in the process of enlargeing our Nigerian herd and also in cross breeding with full-sized dairy goats to increase the yield of milk and the size.  Currently the does produce a quart a day. 
Mocha, our three year old doe

Miss Kitty-Kat (3yrs.)

Little Coffee Bean (Beany)
Beany is ten months old and a cross Nubian/Nigerian
    All our goats are wonderful additions to our family farm.  They thrive is on the green pastures that are abundant here in the Pacific Northwest.  The heavy rainfall increases their yields during Spring and Summer.
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