Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grinding Wheat and baking Bread

   Our bread baking:
     We have a Wondermill Grain Grinder found here http://thewondermill.com/

     This is a very handy mill and quite versatile, as I use it for grinding wheat as well as for grinding rice.  I also use it for grinding corn.  I love the fresh taste of grain freshly ground, but more than that, the health benefits of fresh ground will pay for itself in a short time. 
      I buy soft white wheat berries, which is pure wheat but with a softer consistency for baking.  I use this wheat for all our foods, including fresh baked bread. 
   I also use the grinder for gluten-free baking by using brown rice in our grinder and also tapioca flour.  Each of these I buy in it's pure form.  I use the grain on it's lowest setting for baking products. 
      I use the grinder for corn by buying organic popping corn.  This is easier on the machine and does not add too much oil to the grinder burrs.
     I am also an avid sourdough baker!  I love sourdough and use it regulary in my baking.  I love the book, La Brea Bread by Nancy Silverton.  
    I started my sourdough by using organic red grapes and fermenting them for two weeks, caring for my sourdough regularly, and producing a gorgeous sourdough that I continue to use and feed.  This has been the base for my sourdough for over five years.  I have read where people have had their own starter for as many as 100 years!

I usually make 12 loaves at a time!

    I make a bread with starter and fresh ground wheat as well as vital wheat gluten.  I ferment these loaves in baskets overnight, and then bake them on a hearth stone to produce a lovely bread, that my family all enjoys.
    I also love the wonderful pancakes that fresh sourdough makes as well as waffles.  We have a lovely Belgian waffle with sauteed apples and whipping cream.  It is very delicious to have the tangy taste of the waffles with the sweetened apples and cream!  The book can be found here .http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Silvertons-Breads-Brea-Bakery/dp/0679409076
or you can also look for it at your library.
    Using fresh ground wheat or grains improves your family's health, by keeping the vital nutrients intact and not losing them due to processing, for more information on this please go to: http://thewholetruth.org/Health_Wheat_FAQ.asp
    Using sourdough is also beneficial to the digestion, and the ability for the body to extract the nutrients from grains.  I have found that friends that eat my bread no longer have trouble digesting the wheat.
    We also have a family that loves fresh bread with slices of tomato and fresh olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a bit of basil and fresh ground pepper...mmn!!!
    I urge you to check out this book and to consider a grain grinder, it has saved us many of dollars, and has been a faithful worker in my kitchen!



Moira said...

WOW! 12 loaves at a time! I have a hand grinder and just making two loves every other day wears me out! I would love to have one of these grinders!!!

Jill said...

I love baking my own bread. I also grind my own wheat. There is nothing better then grinding the wheat and using it warm when you knead the dough. It practically starts the rising process in your hands. My favorite is grinding regular popcorn and using it for my homemade corn bread. Yummo!

Hidden Treasures said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to make yummy bread for my family!

Jacqueline said...

Karen, I thank you for sharing your blog address with me. I think I have read it all back to the introductory post :) I have loved seeing your dear goats and hair sheep. The soaps are absolutely gorgeous!! I can almost smell them! You are very busy with the greenhouse farm, making bread, raising godly warriors and maidens, and of course, the dear goats. The sounds of your flower gardens makes me praise the Lord, for I love flowers, too.

I will be back!! thank you for glorifying the Lord with your lives!
Grace and peace!
jacqueline @ deeprootsathome@gmail.com