Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Review of Our Favorites (some of them)!

    Our Soaps:

     Star Anise Soap is a lovely bar with a very creamy lather.  It is soothing for the skin and bubbly as well. 
      Did you know that fishermen use Star Anise for attracting fish while fishing?  Yes Star Anise is a fish attractant!    Now I understand why we get asked if we have fisherman's soap? 
      Besides attracting fish when using this soap, Star Anise has the reputed benefit of being calming. 
     We have it in two lovely shapes and in all natural without any added color or synthetic fragrance.  The Star Anise Essential Oil is 100% pure!  It is one of our family's favorite soaps.  Loved by our smaller children!

     Spicy Ginger is also a family favorite.  It is pure Ginger Essential Oil with
a cute shape.  I like the way this lathers and the invigorating effect it has after use.   I love this bar first thing in the morning when I really need to wake up and feel refreshed, but didn't happen to wake up that way :)  Ginger Essential Oil is also known for it's warming properties. 

     The bars are incredibly creamy when using them.  They lather nicely and leave a very soft feeling to your skin, perfect for the dry skin problems.

     Another favorite, our Lavender Soap with Lavender Flower Buds.  Lavender has a calming effect.  This soap is perfect for late evening baths especially if you suffer from insomnia.  Lavender is also especially helpful for  those that suffer from headaches or migranes.  This bar is very soothing, it is soft on the skin and yet has a mild exfoliant from the lavender buds. 

Two of our lovely bars that are wonderful for your gardener's basket!

       I hope that you have enjoyed a few of our favorite soaps and learning more about what makes our Handmade Goats Milk Soaps so special!



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jandshenry said...

Your soaps are so beautiful! I can't wait to try any or all of them! Please enter me in your giveaway!!! Thanks :)