Tuesday, July 12, 2011


     I love flowers!  I have flowers filling our greenhouses, to the point that it has become hard to walk past them.  We grow many kinds of flowers; Fuchsia's and Hydrangeas are the most common. 

We have literally hundreds of flowering plants in our greenhouses! 

     I stroll gardens gazing at flowers. 

     Flowers grace my desk...roses; pink, peach and deep red!  Flowers fill my tables, a large Gardenia (my wedding flower) sits on our dining room table.  My front planter is filled with Primroses, Hydrangeas, and Fuchsias!  Beside them are the huge Rhododendrons just finished blooming. 

    In our backyard, we have more planters.  Just beside the house sits a garden of Hollyhocks, Dahlia's, Peonies, and Snap Dragons.  Flowers offer me rest.  I fill my senses with their scents when things are difficult.  I love to work in the greenhouses planting and repotting my flowers.   

                          Our weather is very wonderful for flowering plants.
I start almost all my flowers by seed, then I transplant into the ground or keep them in pots until next year by storing them in our greenhouses.  Many of my flowers I reproduce by cuttings.  These do well indoors in a cloning machine or also in a heated cabinet with a light bulb for bottom heat.  
I hope you have enjoyed flowers as much as I have and that you have many flowering plants to keep you smiling :)

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Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

Gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

-(Homeschooling Little Leonards)