Friday, July 29, 2011

National Farmers Market Week is scheduled for August 7-13

     How does a blog about the Soap Making turn into a blog about small farmers....because we are small farmers making a living on our small farm!  Small farmers are the most important step towards returning this Nation back to what it used to be...a profitable Nation with strong hands and hearts turned to God for sustanance!
    Since next week in August is National Farmers Market Week
     I wanted to encourgage all my blog readers to visit your local farmers markets.  Go by and encourage your local farmers with your support.  I find that our best and faithful customers are those that know us, and know our family.  They begin to share with us in our joys and our trials.  We bond with them and their families as well. 
    I was reading a very wonderful article in the Small Farmers Journal and it was describing the destruction of the American food supply,  how each of the changes that have been made to ruin or alter food has become a poison, not only to our food but to our Nation.  I really appreciated one comment that Lynn Miller made as he is describing us small farmers with a wonderful WORTHINESS...the fact that our food is worthy of the price.  That we have a corner on the food because ours is heathly, grown with cleanliness, grown with purity..if you will, not contaminated with poisons that are in the process of killing our Country.  That our lives are built on caring for our land and for our soils.  That we haven't been extracting money from the government.  That we are small farmers with a dream and putting that dream into reality, making our farms vital and active with a "real return".
    I appreciate his very important involvement in our "movement", though I don't look at our lives as a movement at all.  Just a simple family farm, gathering their sustanance from the Lord and all His incredible provisions.  We seek His guidance in our lives through our farm.  He is the One that produces and we are a servant to Him.  Using land for what He intended it to be used for.
     If this economy has been hard on anyone, I would have to say the American Small Family Farm has had the most difficult time of making a living over anyone.  We work long hard hours with little income in return and meanwhile food prices are kept low for a very long time by Large Corporate Mega Farming.
    These Large Corporate "farms" have all but put the small farms out of business with their farming practices of using chemicals and migrant workers to produce vast amounts of poor quality food. 
    Now with the knowledge that we are learning on GMO foods, and their harmful results, on the negative side effects of chemical fertilizer including  hormonal problems caused from the synthetic estrogens used in most commercially grown food...we Need to be buying organic to protect ourselves and our families.  And just because a farmer is at a Farmers Market, does NOT mean that they are growing Organically...please ASK!
    And best of all we can grow our own food from organically grown non-gmo seeds.  I encourage everyone Nationwide to grow your own :)


Gail said...

Thanks for sharing this! We have market here every Thursday and I just haven't gone yet! I hear it's wonderful and reasonably priced! Just might have to go this week! :)

Hidden Treasures said...

I love to buy from local farmers. It's so much cheaper and healthier and my kids have tons of fun with it too!