Friday, July 1, 2011

A shearing experience!

     "She seeketh wool and flax and works with willing hands" Proverbs 31:13

      Alpaca Wool is the most luxurious fiber there is!  It is a very soft wool that has a lovely drape to it.  It is very warm and comfortable to wear.  Alpaca wool is our favorite to spin, weave and knit.   Keeping babies warm is another way to use Alpaca wool.  Our little ones have been kept warm and dry inside an alpaca sweater, hand knit, extra thick, sheds the rain of the Pacific Northwest wonderfully!
    Alpaca wool comes in many beautiful Natural colors, which eliminates the need to dye, but sometimes you want a little brighter color! 
    Here is a picture of my spinning is an Ashford Elizabeth.  My Elizabeth is a lovely wheel and has had many hours of Alpaca wool spun on it.   I started handspinning fiber nearly twenty years ago.  Our children have been able to learn spinning, weaving and knitting as well.  Fiberwork is a fun and exciting way to spend an evening.  Spinning is very relaxing, and hearing a story being read aloud at the same time is fun and profitable :)
     Besides raising alpacas, we have also raised sheep including Merinos and Shetlands, Angora goats, and Angora rabbits.
     Angora goats produce a fiber that is called Mohair. It is long curly locks of fiber. It is very shiny and makes a nice blanket.
     Angora rabbits produce a fur, that is handplucked or hand sheared to be used. It is very labor intensive and is very expensive. Angora Hair is very warm. Adding small amounts to other fibers while spinning will increase the warming ability of the item and make it softer. Angora Hair is very soft!
     If anyone would like to learn more about wool, handspinning, weaving and/or knitting, please leave me a comment and I would gladly send you information.

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Gail said...

I would love to come visit you! All that your family does completely intrigues me! :)