Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another in the Beginning a Home Business Series!

I sure hope that I can encourage each one of you to be the entrepreneur that you are feeling led to be.  This is the backbone of this great Country that we live in.  If you are being led, and find that each time you pray, you are more excited to start an enterprise...your next step may be to seek out a expert in the field of Web Design. 
    I was so blessed by a Web Designer that knew each aspect of my business.  Her speciality of creating a home business helped me so very much, but besides this, she encouraged me to step forward in Faith.  She offered a hand in each area, and if she didn't know answers she would help me to find them.  She really was a Godsend!  You can view her designs and her talent here http://www.victoriasshabbycottage.com/ 
     Each one of the steps I took brought me closer to a launch date, but there were many glitches that came along the way.  I am happy to say that each one I would meet in prayer.  As I prayed I was given relief.  I would still face the problems, but I had a faith that I was being directed to begin a business.  I was walking in faith and needed the growth.  This helped me to keep things in a perspective that each trial was given to me to increase my faith.
   Maybe you are not being called to make soaps...or maybe you are not sure what you would do.  I would encourage you to do what you enjoy.  Do what needs to be done.  And do what you have experience doing. 
     We have spent many years growing organic produce and marketing at local farmers markets.  I would encourage you to seek this market out.  This is a Great way to market without much expense.  Most markets are easy to get into and you will be able to make friends and get to know your customers. 
    Baked items are highly sought after.  Cookies and Candies can be sold in our State without a license.  Find out what your local laws are BEFORE starting a business.  Look for items that can lead people to them.  If you are thinking of cookies, make sure your cookies are freshly made with plenty of delicious scents filling the air.  Do you ever walk by a candy or cookie store?  Do you smell the scents?  Mmnn is what you think!  This is what bring people to buy.  And this will be what leads people back to you.  Scent has an enormous benefit, it lingers in our brains and reminds us of what goodness is!  When you are deciding what your business may be, remember to use this to your benefit.
    I also want to encourage on diversity.  Working to diversify your business will bring you more income.  A plus is that if there isn't a need in one area it may spark an interest in another area.  Also we have experienced how beneficial it is to our family to provide as much for customers as possible.  Yes, it includes more work, but also increases more pleasure for your business.

    I have included a list of each step that you may need to take
1. Pray for Guidance
2. Wait and be patient
3. Pray again
4. Wait some more!
5. Choose out a business Name
6. Seek professional Advice
7. Find out Business Laws in your Area
8. Find your market. And look for a niche that others may not have thought of
9. Remember to find a way to increase your sales, by increasing your products
10. Make your business as professional as you can
      I might include here that we have started all of our businesses on a NO DEBT policy.  This has been a blessing to our family.  We haven't had to lose money to make a payment and pay an interest loan at the same time.  Our business strength has been increased by less stress in our hearts and lives.  This may be possible from ways that you might not expect.  I urge you to be as practical as possible.  When we began a cookie business, we started with a large mixer that was paid for by making cookies.  This mixer is professional quality with a professional price tag but that was cut in thirds by a business that had closed down.  Each new item you purchase must be able to be paid for by the business to lower your stress.  Keeping your business stress free is one of the biggest gains you can make!
     Praying that I can bless you today!  Remember to feel free to message me or to write to me if you have personal questions.  God bless you,  Love, Karen


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That's a great post...and I'm good at a lot of things like knitting. So I'm going to really start praying heavily about this.I would appreciate your prayers, too, especially since the job market is a lot of slim pickings right now!!!! I can't wait to read the next installment of this series :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Victorianlady8 said...

Dearest Heather, Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!!! I so appreciate you taking time to read and to write to me!!!! I am so excited for you and I will be praying Heather that the Lord would show you and lead you just as He has done for me!!!!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I'm praying over this now - not sure which direction I'm supposed to go yet, but I need to help my husband :) I know God has it & I was also just offered a job w the local newspaper writing a story each week :) something that I do mostly from home other than photo - my kids can come along for that!