Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giving Gifts!

Are you looking for a place to send a Gift?  Are you seeking an end of the year deduction?  A large need that only each one of us, giving any amount will help?  I have a few thoughts for you.

    I have a Dear Friend that has traveled to Ghana to build a small hospital for the village of Yiwabra. has a great video to show you the work in progress and the needs that are so very large.  The People of Ghana are a hardworking people that have many needs, amongst the biggest is a medical clinic.  Any amount will help to support the work being done.  You can also like them on facebook!/yonkofa

A Dear Family in the midst of a Crisis with their Son; Noah!  If you feel led to give, any amount, it will make a difference.  I know that our times are hard, I know this so well.  Please consider gifting any amount and knowing that the Lord is caring for this family....Your gift will allow Him to WORK in You!

     Another need that if you can donate any amount will make a big difference in  the life of a Little Boy named Isaiah.  Isaiah has Down's Snydrome and a Ipad will make communication a possiblity for him.  I would love if you can send any amount to him here

     I would just love to thank all of you for Considering these needs.  I would love to see my blog make a difference in the lives of the hurting, the needing, and to be able to send love to those that have serious needs that we aren't able to understand.  Thank you so very much!  Love, Karen

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