Wednesday, January 25, 2012

During Our Many Years of Homeschooling we have used a lot of different curriculum's! I am often asked what I like best! I always recommend that parents look towards your children's bent. The way in which they should go the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

We teach our children phonics when they show the progression in their lives that shows they are ready for the fine motor skills of phonics training
Balance and Coordination Skills
Your Child hops on One foot?
Your child balances on one foot?
Your child skips?
Your child can hop on each foot one at a time?
Your child can sit patiently for 10-15 mins. at a time?
Spend as much time with your children outdoors as possible. Hiking, walking and running all aid in your success for phonics. Having conversations with your child about anything and everything will develop their language skills.
After Phonics we teach
Math training in the early years are simple with Mom made math lessons.
  Saxon Math has been very popular and also highly used. Our family has liked Saxon and I do recommend it!
Life Skills
are probably one of the most important and often overlooked area of Homeschooling. When we teach valuable life skills we teach our children the importance of learning. Learning is something that our children will do for the rest of their lives. So teaching needs to revolve around teaching how to learn...not just WHAT to learn!
Instilling in your Children the Love of LEARNING is a Gift and one that they and you will treasure!  I encourage you to seek the deepest gift you can give the Love of God in your child's heart! 
Of course there are many more subjects to teach your children.  And thankfully there are so many sources that you won't have trouble finding them.  I would just like to encourage you to seek the Vision the Lord has for your family.  Oftentimes the Hype of buying curriculum is marketed to you as the WAY to teach, but I have found that once the hype is gone we often times sent the hyped up curriculum up into the attic :(  Yes we all find curriculum's that help us, but is this the only one for you?! Faith in asking for Wisdom is by far the best gift you have for schooling your children :)
 Sending you love and Prayers!

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