Friday, January 27, 2012

The reasons I say it sure is worth it, are many.  I will attempt to list out just a few, as I wanted this to be a SHORT note to you :)
Benefits of Homeschooling
It's Affordable
It provides a strong bond
Super adaptable
Morals Friendly
Parent Influenced
Positive Enviroment (well most times)
and the list continues
Our lives with our children are often times a struggle!  Yes it's work, and it's hard.  But anything of true Value is Hard Work!  The dividends far outweigh the work.  In the end when you have finished your task you will Hear From The Lord: Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant!  Your time is so precious, we all must try not to let it be wasted by being overwhelmed or disheartened.  I too have to battle even when I have run this course and need to keep running it.  Our Small Children will need Schooling for MANY years to come.  Seeing the lives of our older Children gives me hope as well.  If you question what you are doing, spend a little time with Homeschooled Young People.  It won't take you long to KNOW the difference it makes in a person's life!  When you feel discouraged and you are on your knees remember this is where Our God works BEST in our hearts~ Sending you Love and Hope

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Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

Sometimes it seems with days that are already packed full, there is just no time to fit in schooling at home. But it saves so much time in "untraining". Thanks for the encouragement, as always!!